Profile picture tips for Babysits

Profile picture tips for Babysits

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By Babysits
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Are you unsure about what photo you should use for your profile? This is a very important step as a great profile picture can boost your chances of finding a babysitting job. It is often your first opportunity to make a good impression. If you already have a professional headshot available this is often your best bet. However, many of us do not have access to a professional headshot, therefore we must improvise. Here are some tips to help you take the best photo for your Babysits profile.

Choose a photo that looks like you

It is important to give parents an accurate image of what you look like. These days it is common for people to alter their appearance on social media. It is not a good idea to use filters as it does not provide a true representation of the babysitter. You may also be tempted to use a picture from five years ago or from when your hair was a different color. This may be off-putting for parents on your first meeting and may even cause the parents to question your credibility. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep your profile picture up to date. It should be an accurate representation of what you look like on a daily basis if you do change your appearance drastically it is a good idea to update your photo.

Be the only person in the photo

Group photos with friends and family can be very beautiful and show your fun-loving personality, however, it can leave parents unsure who the babysitter is. In order to prevent confusion, it is best to choose a photo that includes only yourself. It is also important that your picture is taken in the foreground as it provides a clearer picture.

Ask a friend to take your photo

It is always best to ask a friend or family member to take a photo of you. A selfie is acceptable; however, it is not recommended. The front camera produces a lower quality image; therefore, the rear camera is always best. The use of filters can also reflect negatively on your profile, especially if they disguise your appearance. By getting someone else to take the picture you sometimes find that your pose comes across as more natural and comfortable. Your friend may also be able to direct you to ensure you achieve the most professional picture by telling you to fix your shirt or to smile more naturally.

Avoid distracting backgrounds

A neutral background is probably best for your profile picture as it appears more professional and ensures you achieve a clear image of the babysitter. Taking the picture outside in nature or in front of a cool backdrop is a nice idea as long as you keep it simple. Do not include personal information on your background such as your address and telephone number. Do not use your CV as a profile picture as this will also be removed.

Dress appropriately

Why does it matter what you wear? It may seem unusual to some but your dress code can help parents get a vibe for you right away. It is important to dress how you would on your first babysitting job. Do not wear sunglasses or anything which may cover your appearance. Solid colors usually do best on camera. Wearing bold tones can help make your profile picture stand out. It is not advised to wear funny costumes as it can be distracting and tends to promote a negative response from parents.

Here is an example of what your profile picture should and should not look like:

how to take a profile picture

What having a great profile picture means for you

If you are looking to increase your response rate and referrals it is a good idea to put time into your profile picture. It is your first impression and can help to communicate that you are likable and trustworthy which is very important if you want parents to engage with you. Think of it as your own personal brand by trying to stand out from the competition. We promise it is worth the time and energy. If you are looking for more tips to improve your profile, check out this article on how to write a great profile.

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