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Next to our Babysits platform you can also use our Babysits App. If you prefer to book your babysitting appointments or answer your messages via your phone, the Babysits app might be handy for you!

Nowadays, almost no one has time anymore to go sit behind their desk, open their computer or laptop and check if they received any messages. Because almost everyone carries their phone with them, it is easier to check your phone if you received any messages. Next to this, you can even find a babysitter or babysitting job while you’re on the train, watching your child’s soccer practice or on the couch. Via the Babysits app, you can find a babysitter or babysitting job anytime, anywhere.

A Babysits App

Check who is in your area

Before you sign up, you can already see who lives in your area, so you know if there are ‘candidates’ that are suitable for your needs. With the Babysits app, you can even check who lives nearby on the map.

Filter your needs

Via the filters on the app you can filter your needs. Do you want a babysitter with reviews and references, who is a specific age or with a minimum of two years of experience? Do you want a family that is looking for help with homework? With the filters, you can easily find the right babysitting match for you!

Check the profiles

Check the profiles of the Babysits users. Watch their profile videos, view profile pictures, read their motivation, references & reviews, check their verifications and availability.

Heart your favorite users

If you find a family or babysitter who you like, you can heart the profile, so the next time you are using the app you can find this specific user in no time. This makes your decision much easier! Since you don't need to remember all the profiles you liked!

Sign up

Via the Babysits app, you can sign up with your username and password or with your Google, Apple or Facebook account. This makes it simple for anyone to sign up.

Make a profile and specify your needs

Did you find enough babysitters or parents in your area and do you want to contact them? Then it’s time to create your profile. Via the Babysits app, you can easily fill in your information and needs. Are you for example a babysitter and do you also want to help with homework assistance, or can you only work on the weekends? Specify it in your profile, so parents can read all this important information. When you are a parent, you can easily specify what kind of family you are and what kind of babysitter you are looking for. By being really specific in your profile it is easier for the other users to ‘get to know you’, see if they would fit the requirements and find the perfect babysitting match.


Choose the visibility of your profile. Via the app, you can choose if you want to keep your profile private, if you want your profile visible to everyone or if only the users from Babysits can see your profile.

Profile video

Via a profile video, you provide a first glimpse of who the person behind the profile is, which makes the profile and the person way more reliable. This is why you can upload a profile video via the app. Show your face and let other users know who you are and what you are looking for. A profile video says more than 1,000 photos and is highly recommended.


Wait until you receive a message or send some messages yourself. Next to this, you will receive notifications from the app, so you won’t miss a message from a Babysits user.

Read tips and tricks

It is now also possible to read our community articles via the app. The articles are for the users who likes to receive some extra tips and tricks about:

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