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About Babysits

Babysits is an online childcare platform, facilitating communication between childcare providers and parents. Dedicated to transparency and trustworthiness, our mission is to empower communities around childcare, globally. Users on our website can contact one another directly with our private messaging service and plan childcare appointments.

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Keep in mind that parents and babysitters are responsible for screening, interviewing, and making their ultimate choice. Babysits cannot accept responsibility for platform users or their actions.

The platform is completely free for babysitters and childminders.

Parents and childminder agencies can create a profile and post jobs for free, however we ask for a small fee to contact babysitters and/or childminders.

Check the pricing page for details.

Yes. The Babysits app is completely free to download from Google Play and the App Store.

Make sure to keep up with regular updates as we continuously improve our Babysits app.

Babysits does not screen every user, however, we do have reports and safeguards in place and regularly check these for inappropriate behavior. If we hear about an unreliable user, we will immediately block their account.

We foster a trustworthy community by providing many voluntary verifications that babysitters and parents can do to improve the quality and transparency of their profiles.

This includes:

  • ID verification
  • Social profile verification
  • Phone and email verification
  • Reviews and references
  • In some cases, background or criminal record document checks

However, as we don't screen our users, please be aware that you are responsible for interviewing potential candidates and ultimately making a selection.

We strongly recommend that users communicate via the Babysits messaging service until they are comfortable enough with, and trust the other user, to exchange contact information and communicate externally to Babysits. Visit our trust & safety page for more information and specific safety recommendations.

Babysits respects your privacy and only processes your data for the purpose for which you provided it and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Contact information, such as your address, email, and phone number, will never be displayed or shared with third parties or other users. We use this information to verify who you are, provide accurate search results, and contact you, if necessary. It is entirely up to you what information you decide to share with other users on your profile or via the messaging system.

We also take appropriate technical and organizational measures by using the latest technologies to protect your information against loss, misuse or unlawful processing.

If you choose to communicate outside of the Babysits platform, it makes it harder for us to protect your data as our safeguards will no longer apply.

Read our privacy policy here.

We recommend that you use our private messaging service, as we have incorporated many safety measures into the platform to monitor behavior and keep your information secure. While communicating on our messaging service, Babysits can manage and respond to inappropriate behavior by other users. If you choose to communicate through an external messaging service, we cannot guarantee that your information will be kept secure. So, by using alternative communication mediums, you will run a greater risk of fraud and phishing attempts.

Should an unknown user request your personal data, please report this to us immediately as it could be an attempt at fraud. If you believe you are a victim of identity fraud, inform us and file a report with the police immediately.

Babysits does its best to detect and remove scammers from the platform and respond quickly to reports, but we cannot help you with interactions that happen outside of the platform. Please check out our Trust and Safety page for more information.

Are you moving to or traveling to a different country? You can take your babysits account with you!

The Babysits platform exists in a number of different countries, you can see them all on our page.

You can also switch countries or languages at any time via the footer of the website. Simply click on the flag and pick which country-site you would like. When switching to a new country website, you will be prompted to sign in with your email and password again.

No, as a parent or babysitter you are not covered by any type of insurance via Babysits. Decisions regarding taking out insurance are left to the parents and babysitters.

In most cases, it is not necessary to take out insurance as a babysitter, but for other child care occupations (and in some situations) it may be mandatory.